The Paris Seine Initiative

The Paris Seine initiative

7 May 2020 / News

CY Initiative: Call for projects results 2020

Ambition, Talent and Emergence Programmes CY Initiative of Excellence is supporting 21 research projects for a total amount of EUR...
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15 October 2019 / News

Calls for Proposals 2020 – Presentation

The Paris Seine Initiative launches its fourth call for proposals to support excellence in research and international development Cergy, 14th october...
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21 June 2019 / News

Review of the 5 th of June scientific day of the Paris Seine Initiative

The Maison Internationale de Recherche in Neuville was host to a joint event on 5th June 2019 - the Scientific...
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24 May 2019 / News

Scientific Day of the Paris-Seine Initiative

The Initiative of Excellence Paris Seine enters its third year. It offers Paris Seine researchers the opportunity to lead new...
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18 April 2019 / News

22 new research projects supported by the initiative of excellence of Paris Seine University

Cergy, April 16th, 2019 - The Paris Seine Initiative of Excellence has decided to support 22 new research projects for...
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30 November 2018 / News

Calls for Proposals 2019 – Présentation

The Paris Seine Initiative launches its third Call for Proposals to support research excellence and international development Cergy, November 30,...
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29 March 2018 / News

The University of Paris Seine and the University of Warwick announce an academic alliance

London, March 28th, 2018 – At a time when Brexit brings uncertainty over the academic relations between British higher education...
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27 March 2018 / News

The IAS joins UBIAS

The Institute for Advanced Studies joins the UBIAS network which brings together University-Based Institutes of Advanced Studies, worldwide.   At...
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22 March 2018 / News

Excellence Initiative: the University of Paris Seine launches a second call for proposals in support of research development

Cergy, 20th March 2018 – Within the framework of the Paris-Seine Excellence Initiative, a second call for proposals has been...
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30 January 2018 / News

A delegation from Paris-Seine visited the University of Warwick

The 23rd and 24thJanuary this year, academics from Paris-Seine staff visited the University of Warwick, Great Britain. This visit followed...
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19 December 2017 / News

Lancement de l’association de préfiguration du Campus International Paris Seine

Le 11 décembre 2017, l'université Paris Seine et ses partenaires, la préfecture et le département du Val d’Oise, la communauté...
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21 November 2017 / News

The Paris Seine Initiative labeled excellence initiative

The I-SITE (Initiative Science-Innovation-Territory-Economy) call for proposals for which we have been preselected is part of the last wave of calls for...
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