The Paris Seine Initiative

Review of the 5 th of June scientific day of the Paris Seine Initiative

The Maison Internationale de Recherche in Neuville was host to a joint event on 5th June 2019 – the Scientific Day of the Paris Seine Initiative and the inauguration of the Researchers’ Guesthouse.
The guesthouse opened in March 2019 to accommodate international researchers and includes a total of 16 one and two bedroomed appartements, spaced over three floors (ground floor, first and second floors).

A photographic summary of this event is available by following this link: See the photo report


Annemijn LOERMANS ESSEC Managing Careers in times of change – the dynamic and adaptive nature of future work selves      
Thepthida SOPRASEUTH THEMA Unemployment fluctuations and job polarization – evidence from France and the US in the great recession  
Arnold SOH THEMA Weighted representative democracy      
Karol HRICOVINI LPMS Electron and spin dynamics in DIRAC materials  
Lionel PLANCHER GEC PMCinnov, phase changing materials for energy transition in buildings.  
Diana BURGOS Aurore MERLE MRTE   AGORA Presentation of project MOSAIC*  
Anne-Marie PETITJEAN AGORA Theory of literary writing workshop within the ECF framework  
Matteo di VOLO LPTM Transition from asynchronous to oscillatory dynamics in balanced spiking networks with instantaneous synapses  
Guy TRAMBLY DE LAISSARDIERE LPTM Electrons in atomically thin 2D materials  
Laurène RENAUT AGORA Radicalisation processes  
Damien MASSON / Felix DE MONTETY MRTE Living with terror threats in European Cities  
Dino BORIE THEMA  Subjective state space under radical uncertainty  
Marie KRATZ ESSEC The impact of traditional risk measurement on pro-cyclicality  
Aymeric HISTACE ETIS Project SmartVideocolonoscopy*  
Philippe GAUSSIER ETIS  Retrosplenial cortex modelling and its implication in navigation tasks and framework change  
Charbel SALIBA ENSEA Wyner-Ziv reconciliation for key exchange based on Ring-LWE  
Tarek ELOUARET ENSEA Ordonnancement et placement de tâches sur des substrats hétérogènes, dans un contexte 2d, en ligne et non-préemptif  
Amel HOUAOUI ERRMECE Elaboration and characterization of an innovative composite based on polymer/bioactive glass for bone tissue engineering  
Manar EL AKEL LERMA Are molecules reliable markers of our astrochemical heritage?  
Jordane LORANDEL ETIS CognitiveRFNetwork-on-Chip  
Javad VAHEDI LPTM Magnetism in twisted bilayer graphene  
Venkateswarlu SOMEPALLI LPTM Structural and Electronic properties of graphene/MoS2 bilayer heterostructures  
Alessandro TORCINI LPTM Internal representation of hippocampal neuronal population spans: a time-disctance continuum  
Marco SEGNERI LPTM Possible mechanisms for gamma-nested oscillations in the hippocampus  
Nathalie PICARD et Houssem BALTI THEMA Riskdesign Stated and revealed preferences  
Hendrik RUSCHE LCB The role of proteins and peptides as biomarkers in Autoimmune Diseases  
Alexandra FREEMANH AGORA La linguistique forensique et l’attribution d’auteur  
Ferhat HAROUN LPPI 2D Polymer Networks at the air-water interface based on itrile Butadiene Rubber and Polyethylene Glycol-based copolymer.  
Hongjie BI LPTM Coexistence of fast and gamma oscillations in one population of inhibitory spiking neurons  
Joseph Armel Momo KENFAK THEMA Voting power indices  
Brian OSPINA SATIE Design of an accurate digital health monitoring platform of battery packs for stationary or vehicular applications  
Mathilde RECIPON ERRMECE Forensics: identification de marqueurs cellulaires et moléculaires pour la mise en évidence de traces biologiques à des fins d’identification génétique et/ou criminelle  
José Maria DIAZ BASTERIS GEC New sustainable mortars for stone restoration in the context of climate change  
Alexandre MATZKIN and Samuel COLIN LPTM Measurements in relative quantum mechanics  
Mingda JU ETIS A model of the path integration and the representation of spatial context in the retrosplenial cortex  
Dimitra SENCOUNI MRTE AGORA Olympic Mega Projects : Heritagization, risks and opportunities, which (urban, environmental, economic, cultural, social) lessons to learn from the study of the Athens Olympics of 2004 in regards to Paris 2024?  
Martin VIGROUX L2MGC Physico mechanical properties stones exposed to fire