The Paris Seine Initiative

Undergraduate College

Our public service mission to welcome and support all students after high school is currently undermined by the high failure rate over the first two years at university.

Obtaining an undergraduate degree is obviously not an end in itself, as many other paths are available for high school graduates to study and succeed. However, fulfilling this required public service mission efficiently and reconciling mass education and quality requires being inventive, conducting experiments and offering education pathways to all

who choose to go to university to prepare for a professional career.

This is an important issue with high stakes for society and local development. To address it, we propose to create an Undergraduate College that reinvents the French “licence”, with strong links to the secondary cycle, the local territory and the socio-economic and cultural environment.

The ComUE Paris Seine can play a specific role in this regard. Its diversity, and pioneering role on the territory where it is located for the most part, are strong assets to carry out actual pedagogical transformations by rethinking teaching methods, diversifying curricula and creating bridges between disciplines or bringing flexibility to educational routes.

The main measures implemented within this Undergraduate College will thus enable to:

  • Anticipate university entrance, which involves strengthening pre-existing initiatives (including information for high school students) and launching new initiatives such as the organization of summer schools, the possibility to validate some courses in advance or to enable secondary school teachers to perform part of their service at the university and follow students that they already know.
  • Reinvent entrance to enable each student to get familiar with the academic environment that is completely new to them and often unsettling.
  • Reinvent programs to offer an integrated training program, with professional opportunities to integrate general training in Masters programs.
  • Reinvent teaching and assessment methods by valuing new teaching methods, soft skills and competences acquired outside of the university, entrepreneurship spirit and opening to society and the world.
  • Consider the students who are most fragile from an economic, personal or academic perspective.

The Undergraduate College will be located in two buildings of the International Campus, including one emblematic building on the banks of the river Oise, for which financing is already secured, and scheduled for delivery by 2020.

The name of this cycle has not been determined yet.