The Paris Seine Initiative

Societal challenges

In the 21st century, younger generations will need to address complexity to conduct affairs in a free and informed manner. Higher education and research institutions need to accompany the societal transition by preparing students for a constantly changing multipolar world, and by stimulating cross-disciplinary research in the fields of social sciences and modelling.

A better understanding of the mutations of the contemporary world will enable to rethink our relationship to the other. Paris Seine Initiative will thus enable students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff to perfectly

apprehend their local, national and international environment. For this purpose, Paris Seine Initiative intends to:

  • Reinvent academic pathways by making a distinction between the social and territorial mission of the College and the international mission of the Research University;
  • Review teaching methods to make knowledge more accessible and to enhance the skills of everyone;
  • Create an Institute of Advanced Studies enabling interdisciplinary approaches and decompartmentalization, thanks to its focus on Global Complexity;
  • Accelerate and create value from technology and knowledge transfer between the academic world and socio-economic and cultural stakeholders.

In addition to these achievements which will enable to completely rethink the university’s missions, Paris Seine Initiative will include Schools, an Institute of Advanced Studies and a “Centre d’Accélération de Transfert de Technologies et de Savoirs (center for the acceleration of technology and knowledge transfer” (CATTS)), that will all systematically implement eco-responsible approaches, participatory initiatives and collaborations.