The Paris Seine Initiative

Institute of Advanced Studies

The Institute of Advanced Studies (IEA) of the international research university that Paris Seine Initiative intends to build will play a key role in significantly enhancing the visibility and quality of research by promoting excellence in research, enabling the emergence of transdisciplinary research projects and developing high level international scientific exchanges.

The wide scientific scope of the IAS will be a strong asset in the development of transdisciplinary research. Building on our expertise in modelling and social sciences, the IAS will notably focus on analyzing the inherent complexity of large-scale societal issues and will use a global, decompartmentalized and transdisciplinary approach to better apprehend complexity.

The IAS develops important synergies:

Synergies with LabEx MME-DII and LabEx PATRIMA. It will thus facilitate the development of transdisciplinary research, which characterizes our LabEx, to other scientific objects and methods and enable fertile resource pooling with other LabEx to optimize impact and visibility.

Interactions with Society by promoting exchange between our academic community and broader society on the major societal challenges of our times, in association with the Chaire Edgar Morin de la complexité created at ESSEC in 2014.

IAS international fellows will be hosted in residence at the Maison Internationale de la Recherche, which was inaugurated in October 2016 and offers specific facilities to international visitors of the IAS. It includes office, co-working and conference spaces, as well as high-quality housing facilities. A second building dedicated to modelling sciences and complexity will open in 2019.


Main façade of the Maison Internationale de la Recherche that will host the IAS (Neuville campus)

Rear façade of the Maison Internationale de la Recherche that hosts the IAS (Neuville campus)