The Paris Seine Initiative

Innovation & entrepreneurship

Paris Seine Initiative’s objective is to create an innovation-entrepreneurship chain in higher education, structured around apprenticeship “by doing”, which will help students develop their creativity, test new ideas, experiment, realize demos in connection with applied research. Within a multidisciplinary environment fostering exchange and acquisition of skills, students will develop the “spirit of entrepreneurship” that will help them set up all kinds of ambitious projects.

This innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem stems from emblematic achievements developed in the framework of the COMUE Paris Seine:

  • ESSEC ventures: during its 15 years of existence, the program helped in the development of 340 businesses and in the creation of 252 new businesses, with a survival rate of 72% after 5 years (compared to an average of 30%). More than €70M of equity capital was raised by the start-ups embedded in the incubator, 25 businesses were financed by ESSEC Venture seed funds, and 40 external partners were involved.
  • Startup incubators of the Technopole Val d’Oise. The high quality of this technopole has been recognized by the certification Afnor “Activité des pépinières d’entreprises” and by the label “Centre Européen d’Entreprise et d’Innovation”, a unique achievement in the Ile-de-France region.
  • The COMUE Paris Seine was awarded the PEPITE (Pôle Etudiant pour l’Innovation, le Transfert et l’Entrepreneuriat) label in 2014. Since obtaining the label, the number of students who were granted the status of “student-entrepreneurs” grew from 5 in 2014 to 17 in 2015 and 116 in 2016.
  • In 2016, an Alumni Association of the COMUE was launched for the alumni who have created their own business ventures and a 400 m2 co-working space dedicated to student-entrepreneurs opened at the heart of the Campus..

Paris Seine Initiative will further develop these successful achievements:

  • by focusing on the three key steps of the “innovation-entrepreneurship” chain: awareness, incubation, seed funds.
  • by dedicating some emblematic buildings of the international campus to innovation and entrepreneurship: opening of a 600 m2 FabLab at the heart of the urban hub of the campus in March, and a 5 000 m2 Business Center in September 2018.