The Paris Seine Initiative


LABBOITE is a key component of the urban academic ecosystem, open to all  and offering opportunities to create and share knowledge, at the heart of the city and the campus.


Innovation in academic teaching methods, decompartmentalization of teachings, new experimental research methods, popularization of research, support to non-profit and business project leader promotion of the sharing of knowledge, know-how and skills in a non-profit space, enhanced links between scientific and academic activities and the city and local environment, creation of a gateway to the academic world, research, and entrepreneurship, stimulation of applied innovation.


Challenges include economic development, performance in higher education, inclusive digital transition of the territory, social links, and urban planning.

Located near the prefecture, on several floors, with approximately 400 m2 open to the public (out of 600 m2 ), the FabLab will benefit from cutting edge equipment to support creativity: 3D printer, laser cutting, digital milling machine, computers, 2D and 3D software, etc. This project is currently under final completion with support from the Artilect company.

Two facilitators will work in the FabLab, assisted by trainees (in civil service), in order to guide and help users with the available tools and spaces, and to apprehend the interests of local economic and community stakeholders and support them in their research.

The objective is to stimulate contacts, cooperation and innovation between students, academics, teachers, local stakeholders, residents and businesses by offer a convivial, accessible and innovative space. It is also the first building block of the larger International Campus  project.