The Paris Seine Initiative

Doctoral Schools

The international research university will include a Department of doctoral studies with three doctoral schools: School of Law and Humanities (DSH – Droit et Sciences Humaines), School of Science and Engineering (SI – Sciences et Ingénierie) and the Cergy School of Economics, Management, Mathematics and Physics (EM2P – Économie, Management, Mathématiques et Physique).

They are all multidisciplinary schools.


At the School of Law and Humanities (Droit et Sciences Humaines – DSH), doctoral students are hosted, trained and supported in their research by nationally and internationally renowned research fellows who regularly publish in the most prestigious journals. It is a multidisciplinary school that covers the following disciplines: law, political science, literature, languages, history, geography and educational sciences.


The School of Science and Engineering (Sciences et ingénierie – SI) covers the following disciplines: physics, chemistry, biology, engineering science, sciences of the Earth and the universe, and information and communication science and technology. Its fields of expertise are:

  • Theoretical physics and modelling, physics of materials and surfaces
  • Laboratory and observational astrophysics, geodynamics, physico-chemistry of the earth and planets
  • Image and signal processing, digital communications, cognitics, computer science, information processing systems architecture
  • Monolithic microwave integrated circuit design, microwave measurement and characterization, electromagnetic simulation, modelling of new components
  • Biochemistry of relations between extracellular matrix and cells, organic synthesis and organometallic chemistry, physico-chemistry of interfaces, synthesis and physico-chemistry of macromolecules
  • Materials and building science
  • Data processing and multisensor systems Integration in power electronics and materials
  • Energy systems for transportation and environment

The School of Economics, Management, Mathematics and Physics (Economie, Management, Mathématiques et PhysiqueEM2P) brings together world class international researchers who are regularly published in leading journals in the fields of economics, finance and mathematics. The THEMA and AGM laboratories on which the doctoral program is based are both ranked among the 10 best research centers in France in economics and mathematics, respectively. Education and research programs are varied and directly linked to the most pressing issues of comtemporary societies and to the most advanced developments in research. Its fields of expertise are:

  • Mathematics, UMR AGM
  • Economics, UMR THEMA
  • Management sciences, UMR THEMA and ESSEC Research Center
  • Physics, UMR LPTM

Thanks to the Institut de la Création* which brings together the schools of arts, architecture and landscape of the ComUE Paris Seine and positions the project at the heart of its pedagogy, the department of doctoral studies intends to promote creation-based PhDs (“Doctorat par l’œuvre”).

* École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles (ENSA-V), École nationale supérieure d’arts de Paris-

Cergy (ENSAPC), École nationale supérieure de paysage de Versailles (ENSP)