The Paris Seine Initiative

Centre for the Acceleration of Technology and Knowledge Transfer

The research university’s Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT) will be built around a Centre for the Acceleration of Technology and Knowledge Transfer (CATTS), which will act as an interdisciplinary hub and as an efficient interface between the academic world and the socio-economic and cultural worlds.

The CATTS will offer key skills:

  • by mobilizing senior researchers with extensive KTT experience and credibility with public and private partners,
  • by mobilizing project directors with expertise in technology, markets and business to build up the network and develop opportunities,
  • by relying on technical-administrative staff specialized in KTT to streamline partnerships and improve the quality of support processes.

The main activities of the CATTS will be:

  • Mapping and formalization of the target university’s capabilities and matching with market trends and demands
  • Planning and implementation of the commercial and partnership action plan
  • Opportunity and project development
  • Monitoring and quality assurance
  • Marketing and communication
  • Events, networking and institutional presence in research networks, “pôles de competitivité”, European technology platforms, clusters, business associations

Upon creation of the research university, the CATTS will operate in three disciplinary areas already identified for the density of research, innovation capacities and existing partnerships with socioeconomics partners:

  • Risk, Security & Society
  • Heritage, Luxury & Arts
  • Business, Finance & Management

Each of these areas is conceived as an open innovation ecosystem encompassing academia, territory and socio-economic and cultural actors