The Paris Seine Initiative



The objective is to create a “campus system” in Cergy that meets the highest standards of large international campuses: strong articulation between nature and the city, inclusive spaces, top quality equipment, emblematic academic buildings, comfortable living spaces and quality housing facilities for students and research fellows.

The developments will provide the Paris Seine International Campus with a strong new academic identity, which will be instrumental in promoting the visibility and attractiveness of the city and the territory.

Cergy-Pontoise has an exceptional natural environment, which will be a major asset to promote the attractiveness of the International Campus. The objective of the Paris Seine International Campus project is to create the dynamic campus life that is currently lacking.

The International Campus will be structured around two key academic clusters: the “River banks” and the “Hub”.

The “River banks” cluster (“Les Berges“) will include the leisure park, the banks of the river Oise leading to Neuville, the port of Cergy and the port of Cergy II (to be developed), which will be building blocks of the “campus dynamics”.

Many campus functions will be developed in this cluster: housing facilities (for students and research fellows), spaces for campus life, restaurants, sport facilities and fields, academic and cultural venues. The “River banks” cluster will be a “quiet” living and working space on campus, promoting the practice of sports and leisure activities. Going all the way to Neuville, it will be fully integrated in the academic cluster of Neuville in the International Campus.

The second campus cluster, the “Hub”, will be the urban cluster of the International Campus, open to the center of Cergy-Pontoise.

It will bring together most of Cergy’s higher education institutions. It will be built around the François Mitterrand park, which will be the new “Green” of the International Campus. This central location will facilitate transit, meetings and events within the “Hub”. It will be totally open to the city. All institutions and campus venues will be accessible from the “Green”. Part of the housing facilities for students and research fellows, large academic and cultural venues and new living spaces will be developed in the “Hub”.

Thanks to the support of the state and local authorities (Ile-de-France region, Val d’Oise department and the Communauté d’agglomération de Cergy-Pontoise), the International Campus program is already underway :

  • 2016: inauguration of the “Maison Internationale de la recherche” (International house for research) (new 5000 m2 building)
  • 2017: inauguration of an academic, entrepreneurial and public FabLab (new 600 m2 building
  • 2018: inauguration of the Campus Business Center (conversion of a 5000 m2 building)
  • 2020: expansion of the Maison Internationale de la recherche (new 5 000 m2 building mainly dedicated to modelling sciences and social sciences)
  • 2020: inauguration of the first emblematic building of the Undergraduate College (new 6 000 m2 building that will bring together all IUT departments).