The Paris Seine Initiative

Call for Proposals 2019 : Scientific excellence and internationalization

Date limite d’envoi des projets : 12 octobre 2018Call for Proposals to support research excellence, the emergence of new research themes, the reinforcement of doctoral and post-doctoral training, the increase of attractiveness and international visibility, and the development of partnership research in relation with the socio-economic world.


Submission  of a project abstract and letter of intention until January 23, 2019, 13h00.
Submission of the final proposals until February 14, 2019, 13h00.


Objectives of the Call for Proposals

Institutional environment

 As part of the Paris Seine excellence initiative (PSI), a third Call for Proposals is launched in favor of the development of research and its internationalization.

The Paris Seine initiative is supported by four institutions: the University of Cergy-Pontoise, ESSEC, EISTI and ENSEA. It receives € 7.4 million annually. One of the central challenges of PSI is the strengthening of the scientific potential, the visibility and the international attractiveness and the research excellence of the partner institutions.


This Call for Proposals aims at supporting projects from the scientific community and contributing to the development of scientific excellence. The scientific quality of the projects, their contribution to visibility and the dynamics of excellence will be decisive.

Projects targeted include the emergence of new research themes, the strengthening of doctoral and post-doctoral training, increased attractiveness and international visibility, the emergence of transversal projects involving several research entities at Paris Seine University and the development of partnership research related to the socio-economic world.

The present Call for Proposals aims at favoring the emergence of projects having a structuring effect on the research strategy of the institutions, the research teams and the researchers and to remove identified bottlenecks in R&D.

The projects supported will notably contribute to the development of international scientific collaborations with strategic partners of the Paris Seine initiative of excellence: notably in Europe, the University of Warwick and more generally the partners of the European University Alliance EUTopia (the University of Warwick, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), the University of Ljubljana and the Pompeu Fabra University and the University of Gothenburg.) In Asia, a special partnership has been established in Singapore with Nanyang Technological University. Other partnerships with universities are under development (University of Mauritius, University of Western Cape…).

The Call for Proposals complements the existing mechanisms for supporting scientific excellence, in particular Laboratoires d’Excellence (labex). It will make possible to extend the dynamics of excellence to other fields of science and to reinforce already recognized poles of excellence. Projects within the field of the labex will have to be submitted there first. If they are also submitted under this Call for Proposals, this must be specified.

Areas of research 

The present Call for Proposals welcomes projects in both fundamental research and applied research. It covers all scientific disciplines. Beyond the scientific quality of the projects, the Paris Seine excellence onitiative aims to shed light on the major contemporary societal challenges through the development of high-level academic research. These major issues will be understood in their global complexity, favoring an interdisciplinary approach, mobilizing different disciplines within the major disciplinary fields, and crossing, more broadly, social sciences or modeling with other disciplinary fields.

In the field of applied research, as in previous years, three main areas have been identified: economics, finance and management; heritage, art and luxury; risks, society and security. Beyond these three domains, all research projects that foster the development of technology transfer and knowledge, in conjunction with the territory’s socio-economic partners, are encouraged. For applied research projects, joint development and funding with an external partner are expected.

This Call for Proposals will provide funding for the various actions mentioned below:

  • Doctoral contracts with a co-funding scheme at the international level (co-supervised thesis with or without PSI’s partner institutions) or with a private partner.
  • Post-doctoral contracts for candidates who have not been in France for more than 12 months in the last 3 years, in order to strengthen the international visibility of PSI’s research.
  • The possibility for the AAP2017 and AAP2018 awardees to build up on their first results in order to prepare an application for ambitious projects (ERC, coordinator of a FET project, ITN, RIA …). Researchers will have to specify the impact of the previous funding and the way the current request can strengthen the dynamic towards the application.
  • Emerging research projects with high potential to allow the progress of research and the submission for external funding at the national (including ANR), European (ESF, ERC, PCRD) or international level. Applicants for these different funding opportunities are requested to apply to funding agencies during the two years covered by the project.

Application procedures and supporting documents

Supporting documents:

Application procedure:

  • Details and online submission:
  • Submission of a pre-submission abstract of the project until 23 January 2019, 13h00
  • Submission of final proposals until February 14, 2019, 1 pm