The Paris Seine Initiative

Call 1 – April 2017

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Emergence of new research areas, reinforcement of doctoral and post‐doctoral training, development of partnership oriented research linked to the socio‐economic world.



Deadline for this call of proposal : May 24th, 1:00 PM !

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As part of the Paris Seine excellence initiative (I‐SITE) , a first call for proposals is launched in order to encourage the development of scientific research. The Paris Seine excellence initiative is driven by five institutions: the COMUE Paris Seine, the University of Cergy‐Pontoise, ESSEC Business School, EISTI and ENSEA. Its budget amounts to 7.4 million euros.

One of the excellence initiative’s main challenges is the reinforcement of scientific potential, international visibility and excellence in research. This first call of proposal aims at financing projects from the scientific community that contribute to the development of scientific excellence. It targets in particular projects encouraging the emergence of new research areas, the reinforcement of doctoral and post‐doctoral training, an added attractiveness and international visibility to the research as well as the development of partnership oriented research linked to the socio‐economic world.

The proposal concerns both fundamental research and partnership‐oriented applied research. It covers all scientific fields. Beyond the high scientific quality of the different proposals, the Paris Seine excellence initiative, through the development of top‐level academic research, aims at highlighting the great contemporary societal issues, which question man’s relationship with technology (as humans have been augmented and transformed by the emergence of both digital technologies and artificial intelligence and its effects), man’s relationship with the planet (it is necessary to understand its fundamental laws, preserve its heritage, and manage its finite resources), and man’s relationship with societal life (relationship with oneself and relationship with others, multi‐level organizations, education, socialization, collective participation). These great issues will be studied in their global complexity, favoring an interdisciplinary approach, mobilizing different fields and areas of study (Humanities and Social Studies, Hard Sciences), and more broadly combining social sciences or modeling sciences with other fields of study.

The projects in the partnership‐oriented applied research field will contribute to the development of “technology and knowledge transfer acceleration centers” (= centres d’accélération du transfert de technologie et de savoirs, CATTS”) in three major fields:

‐ economy, finance and management

‐ heritage, art and luxury

‐ risk, society and security

The call for proposals’ goal will be to encourage the emergence of proposals that carry a structuring effect on the research strategy of institutions, research teams and researchers as well as allow knocking down any identified development obstacles. The proposals’ quality, their contribution to the visibility of our institutions, and drive for excellence will be the determining factors in the selection process. The call for proposals will complete the existing support mechanisms for the scientific environment, such as the labex. It will enable both the expansion of the drive for excellence to other scientific fields and the reinforcement of pre‐existing approved centers of excellence.

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