The Paris Seine Initiative

Bachelor & Master

An International Bachelor of Arts and Sciences will be launched in 2017. This four-year curriculum will have a strong transdisciplinary dimension, with innovative pedagogical tools, an opening to the socio-economic world and an international dimension, as the program will be taught in English and involve a year of study abroad.

The first two years will be common to all students, and specializations will be introduced progressively starting from the third year. At the end of the program, students will be able to choose between directly entering the

job market or pursuing their academic training within one of the faculties or schools of the target university.

In order for the Diploma to be recognized by the French state, the International Bachelor will result in a BA (Licence) for a training of 3 years (Bac + 3) and an MA (Maîtrise) after 4 years (Bac + 4).

Paris Seine Initiative will develop Masters of excellence which will meet 3 specific requirements: transdisciplinarity, internationalization and innovative learning. All masters will include general courses on the challenges of globalization, with a special focus on soft skills.

30% of our existing Masters will be transformed in 2017 to generate a dynamic that will enable the creation of several new masters in 2018.

The international transformation of these Masters will be managed in four distinct ways: teaching partly or entirely in English; a set period in a partner university; double or joint degree with international partner universities; creation of courses in which the whole program is delivered abroad.